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persons started working in company in 2012

The history of the Attractor Software started with establishment Public Foundation «IT Attractor» in 2012. The mission of the IT Attractor Foundation is to develop the software and IT services market in the Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia. The primary task that we set for ourselves is to provide the market with quality personnel and expertise.

Both software development and training of software development were a natural part of the IT Attractor’s operations. In addition to promotion of quality software development standards, we are attend in public event, conferences, hackathons.

The Split

As company grew bigger a decision was made to split the IT Attractor Foundation into smaller entities to optimise their management and operations. Thus, in year 2015 an education centre Attractor School has been split off. Following the extraction of the educational centre, in year 2016 the software development component has been moved to the Attractor Software.

Nowadays all companies in the IT Attractor group share a lot of resources and are working together to fulfill the original mission of high quality software development. A share of Attractor School’s graduates find their career in Attractor Software.

Attractor School - programmers education center

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The primary task that we set for ourselves is to provide the market with quality personnel and expertise.

The team members

Maxim Kosyakov Co-founder
Vadim Glebov Co-founder
Veronika Iurchenko Chief Executive Officer
Dastan Kozhomuratov Chief Technical Officer
Juliana Amelina Senior Software Project Manager
Maksim Buturlakin Senior Software Project Manager
Oksana Budnikova Senior Software Project Manager
Farid Khalikov Middle Full Stack Developer
Igor Li Middle Full Stack Developer
Valery Frolov Designer

A few facts about us

agile We love Agile, so we understand that any task needs to be approached flexibly.
All of our developers are adherents of the clean code and ideas of Uncle Bob.
— Everything can be done better than was done until now. © Henry Ford
We say ‘Yes’ for Continuous improvement.

Do you want to work with us?

We always have a cool job for you. We have a strong team and adequate leadership. We have a lot of interesting things for personal and professional growth. For example, English lessons, seminars, a lot of cool books. If you are a talented thinking programmer, an attentive tester or a sensible project manager, then we are waiting for you.

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Attractor Software is running its internship program few times in a year. We’d be pleased to welcome fresh talent and provide tutoring and mentoring to make sure you are on the right track to success in software development. By joining our internship program you get a workplace in our office, a personal guru and a set of interesting tasks corresponding to your level of skill. We also compensate the commute and a meal for every day apprentice spends in our office. Most of our apprentices are offered a full time job following the completion of the program.

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We collect information about candidates year-round. We will contact you when the next batch of candidates are evaluated for the program.