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To create a secure tool for the government of Canada that would enable collection of trustworthy and comprehensive data on return of the social investments and compilation of reports based on that data.


With the help of the data collection service SAMETRICA, beneficiaries of state funds can enter their data, collected via various methods e.g. surveys, interviews, focus groups, into a single repository. Instead of sending reports with data on the social impact via email, they will send it to the service. A convenient placement and storage of records and other functions will help save time that public servants and respondents could spend on data collection and reports preparation.

A logical model constructor allows users to create a structure for intervention or initiatives. This is a technical structure that allows for analysis of social impact from investments.

Intervention Example: House 30% of Toronto’s homeless population over a period of 5 years. Initiative Example: Significantly reduce the number of childhood deaths from malnutrition.

The system is currently in an operating environment and in development process. It is planned to integrate it with AI, machine learning, and additional services.