Tengri Wallet

Tengri Wallet
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Tengri Bank (Kazakhstan)


In this project, Attractor Software worked in a team of developers. From the beginning, Tengri Bank planned to create a web tool that would enable getting bank services through internet. This solution will help clients run their businesses more efficiently, and individuals won’t have to go to a bank branch, stand in line, and fill out excessive paperwork. The team of developers were tasked with creating an electronic wallet that would give clients an easy access to various payments from utilities bills to online shopping.


The team of developers built a beta version of an application that meets all requirements of the bank. Since April 2017, the app has been available to all Tengi Bank clients. Tengri Wallet is a payment system of Tengri Bank integrated with:

  • The internal bank system
  • A processing company
  • The national payment system
  • SMS provider

Application users pay with electronic currency backed by the issuing bank. The system allows for tracking purchases and sales of electronic money by individuals, suppliers, and sellers of electronic money. One of the advantages of the system is its ability to respond to the questions such as how much electronic money is in the system and what amount of it should be kept in the account of the bank which issues real money. Interaction of the Tengri system with the national payment system is enabled through the use of electronic signature.

The architecture of the project is based on asynchronously interacting services which are broken down and packed into Docker containers. The process of uninterrupted delivery was set up. The bank employees received the product as a set of Docker containers with an instruction for deployment of the system and launched it in the production mode.