The Map of Legal Service Providers

The Map of Legal Service Providers
Python Django JavaScript Leaflet.js


АCTED (Kyrgyzstan), USAID (Kyrgyzstan)


To create an interactive map of legal services providers for the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan in order to simplify the search process for the population. The user must be able to find necessary information about legal services providers across the country: public (courts, prosecutor’s offices, police stations, bar associations, child and family protection agencies, notaries, etc) and non-governmental (civil organizations, pro bono lawyers and attorneys, emergency response centers, courts of elders, women’s councils, private law firms, private lawyers, etc.)


Light and unobtrusive, convenient search for legal help. An excellent filtration system that lets select required information with two clicks. A structured database of frequently asked questions provides necessary answers. The design is adapted for desktop computers and mobile devices.


We created a product that gives citizens of Kyrgyzstan a convenient search tool for law firms and legal practitioners. The list of legal services is plotted on a map, and users can add to the list. The existing filters sort search results based on a user’s location. All links include addresses and phone numbers of organizations and show their rating. Tabs contain legal information, information about the project, free legal help providers and more.